Shree Tirupati Hospitility Pvt. ltd.

Shree Tirupati Hospitality Services

Safety Management


  • The kitchen floor must be thoroughly cleaned and washed and moped with all corners after every major meal preparation
  • All platforms must be cleaned, wiped with cloth after every work.
  • All equipments should be cleaned and replaced to its predetermined place after use.
  • The kitchen should be kept pest free as far as possible.

Raw Materials

  • We always use food items from reliable sources.
  • Arrange to view all fresh meat, vegetables, fruit prior buying from local markets.
  • Tinned and bottled food must display a product label and sell-buy date. We do not purchase split packages.
  • Food is to be covered or packaged properly while transporting from local markets.


  • All equipments like chopping boards, spoons, forks, plates etc should be checked. Monthly damage utensils should be replaced.
  • All the utensils will be thoroughly cleaned with hot water and wiped with clean cloth before re use.
  • Sink must be kept clean by scrubbing daily. Dust bins must be cleaned with hot water at least once in day.
  • Food containers should be used while carrying food.


  • Always maintain cleanliness of food counters.
  • Be polite and courteous with guests.
  • Managers/supervisors must be present during peak hours.
  • Service boy should take the order as per the availability of foods and ensure timely supply.

Personal Hygiene

  • The staff should be in proper uniforms and wearing caps and hand gloves working in the kitchen or floor.
  • Nails should be cut short; clean apron should be worn while cooking. Avoid wearing flashy jewels, metal watches and religious threads etc in cooking areas.
  • All staff should be wearing covered and non skid shoes.
  • Smoking and spitting should be banned in the kitchen.
  • No food should be eaten in the kitchen.
  • Hands should be washed before start of work.
  • Do not allow internal waste bins spill.